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Aesthetic dentistry: Pontic design, soft tissue grafting, emergence profile and crown lengthening

A guide to the roles of pontic design, soft tissue grafting, emergence profile and crown lengthening...
 £ 30

Get stuck into luting!

Understand what luting cement is best suited to your preferred restorative materials and the procedu...
 £ 30

Living in a materials world: a restorative technique update for the GDP

A materials and techniques update in restorative dentistry for the general dental practitioner
 £ 30

More sensible management strategies for tooth surface loss

Sensible strategies for the management of Tooth Surface Loss (TSL)
 £ 30

Occlusion: Everyday principles and aspects when working conformatively

Provide a broader understanding of the fundamentals of occlusion, their importance in occlusal diagn...
 £ 30

Onlays, overlays and crowns: Design matters

Onlay, overlay of full coverage? Boxes or grooves required? What material? Digital or analogue? Obta...
 £ 30

Posterior composites: a guide to clinical success

This presentation will discuss best practice in one of the most common forms of dental restoration
 £ 30

Posts, cores and a pot pourri of techniques and favourite materials

Diagnostic and restorative options when considering the use of post and cores for structurally compr...
 £ 30

Restore or replace?

A discussion of the key factors when the decision to retain or replace is unclear
 £ 30

Rubber dam revisited

How rubber dam helps to work more quickly, effectively, enjoyably and safely in a COVID-19 world
 £ 30

Smile Design: a Guide to Tooth Position

Illustrate with case examples the principles and techniques of tooth and related tissue positions wh...
 £ 30

The Case is Altered

What do you do when your carefully constructed plan needs modifying?
 £ 30

To fillings and beyond!

Selecting the most appropriate design and suitable material to restore a tooth is not always straigh...
 £ 40

Treatment Options for Tooth Replacement and Bridge Design

Review the options, design criteria and decision making process when planning multiple tooth replace...
 £ 30

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