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Quick Start Guide to The Dental Channel

We provide sophisticated quality-assured continuing professional development (CPD) complemented by professional social networking for dental professionals. Spend a few minutes reading this guide to get up and running in no time!

Browse the site

Much of our content e.g. CPD course library and blog articles can be viewed without registering but an account is required to undertake CPD and participate in our community.

Courses can be filtered by type e.g. clinical, business, GDC recommended topics etc.

A learning summary (aims, objectives and intended outcomes) is provided for each one together with the intended primary audience, GDC anticipated outcome(s) and details of the subject matter expert(s). This will help you decide if it is relevant to your interest or needs.

Use the search box to quickly locate specific topics or subject matter experts together with any related content.

Create your account

Register to participate in our community and CPD courses. Only your name, GDC number (or equivalent) and email address are required. Once you have entered these and specified a username and password check your email for the account confirmation link (if you can't see this check your junk mail folder) and you are ready to login.

Remember to sign up to our newsletter for regular updates via email (you need to opt in to do this; we want you to welcome our newsletters).

NB You may register by linking to your Faceboook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts if you prefer; one less password to remember.

CPD courses

Plan: Construct your personal development plan (PDP)

Use our free Excel PDP and CPD recording template to create a development plan tailored to your needs. It will guide you through the process and is simple to update.

Store in the cloud e.g. OneDrive for these benefits:

  • ready access across devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and phone);
  • automated backup;
  • available online and offline; and
  • free to use.

Do: Enrol in your chosen courses

Once registered login to enrol in any free courses. For paid courses choose a subscription option. You may either Pay-As-You-Go or opt for one of our annual subscription bundles (great if you plan to participate regularly).

  • The bundles are based on a recurring subscription that renews until cancelled and protects you against price rises.
  • If you prefer to pay for a one year only call us to enrol (the cost is +10% of the recurring subscription plan).
  • Team subscriptions are available.

Reflect: Assess what you have learnt

Each course has its own reflection to help you:

  • identify the key points learnt;
  • determine how these may affect our practice;
  • set a date to assess the impact;
  • update your PDP e.g. with any new learning need identified; and
  • provide feedback for both the presenter and The Dental Channel.

The reflection can be reviewed once completed and updated as required.

Record: Measure impact

Record your CPD activities in the PDP and CPD recording template and update your PDP.

  • Enter the activity details;
  • Note key outcomes;
  • Link to your certificate;
  • CPD hours are automatically totalled by CPD year;
  • You can search by GDC recommended topic etc;

This will also make submitting your annual CPD report to the GDC a breeze.

Community: your professional network

Our community is a sophisticated professional network. It offers features similar to the well known social media platforms but without the concerns often associated with them.

Update your profile

On registration only your name is visible to other members.

  • Edit your profile to update any relevant information e.g. practice details.
  • Choose what you wish to share publicly, with registered members, your friends (network) or remain private.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly news updates.

Connect with other members

You must connect with other members to be able to start private conversations or share information within your network.

If you wish to see updates from specific members in your timeline you need to follow them.

  • Go to People to locate members with whom you wish to connect and select "Add as Friend".
  • You will be notified once your request has been accepted.
  • Select "Follow" to see a person's updates in your feed

Explore groups, pages and blogs

There are many other useful features that allow you to connect and share with other members or publicly on the internet.

  • If you have something that you would like to say create a blog.
  • Publish a page for your practice or special interest and add updates.
  • Create your own community group. You can specify whether this should be public, invite only and even hidden from the public listing.

Keep in touch

There are several ways to keep up to date with us:

  • Weekly email newsletter: highly recommended especially because this is where we include special offers. Amend your preference from your My Newletters (your account menu) or profile.
  • Community notifications. Community activities e.g. group discussions are notified on the site and by email. Change your preferences under Manage alerts
  • Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Make the most of The Dental Channel

We hope this has inspired you to register and start exploring. Our course Making the Most of The Dental Channel is open to all and free to enrol in. It is a great place to start. We run occasional live webinars that allow you to ask your questions and make suggestions as to how we can improve our service.

Our support section includes FAQs (frequently asked questions) so please look here first for answers to specific questions. If you cannot find your answer open a support ticket and we will be glad to assist.

Enjoy The Dental Channel!

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